Royal Arch

  • Oriental No.19  Meets the Second Saturday of Jan, March, May, Sept, and Nov.
  • University Chapter No. 32 Meets Second Monday except July & August.
Seattle Craft Lodges

  • St. John’s Lodge No. 9  Meets 3rd Wednesday.

  • Eureka Lodge No. 20  Meets 1st Monday except July, August , December. If Holiday 2nd Monday.

  • Occidental Lodge No. 72  Meets 3rd Thursday except July, August at the Ballard Masonic Temple

  • Doric Lodge No. 92  Meets the First Tuesday Meets 1st Tuesday except July, August.

  • Ark Lodge No. 126  Meets 2nd Thursday except June, July, August.

  • University Lodge No. 141  Meets 1st Monday except July, August if Holiday 1st Friday.

  • Greenlake Lodge No. 149  Meets 1st Thursday. If Holiday 2nd Thursday. ex. Jul, Aug.

  • Alki Lodge No. 152  Meets 1st Monday except July, August; if Hol, 3rd Monday.

  • Delta-White Center Lodge No. 172  Meets 3rd Saturday of Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov.

  • Rainier Lodge No. 189  Meets 2nd Friday except July, August, December.

  • Daylight Lodge No. 232  Meets 3rd Saturday, except December; last Saturday June.

  • Maritime Lodge No. 239  Meets 2nd Monday ex. Jul, Aug, Dec.

  • Lafayette Lodge No. 241  Meets 1st Thursday except July, August, November. If Holiday, 3rd Thursday. 5:00p.m. January.

  • Queen Anne Lodge No. 242  Meets 2nd Thursday, except July, August.

  • Greenwood Lodge No. 253  Meets 1st Wednesday except July, August If Holiday, 2nd Wednesday.

  • Yancey C. Blalock Lodge No. 265  Meets 2nd Tuesday except July, August.

  • Walter F. Meier Lodge of Research No. 281  Meets 4th Thursday February, April, June, August , October. 3rd Friday in December.

  • Lodge Alba No. 315  Meets Feb, May, Aug, Nov.

  • Esoterika Lodge No. 316  Meets 4th Tuesday of January, April, July, October, 3rd Friday in December.

  • LuzViMinda Lodge No. 317 Meets 3rd Saturday Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov.

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Masonic Bodies in the Seattle area
Red Cross of Constantine

  • St. Alban Conclave Contact Conclave for more info.

Knights Templar

  • Seattle Commandery No. 2  Meets the Third Wednesday except June, July, August.
  • Rainier Commandery No. 28 Meets Fourth Thursday except July, August, November & December.

Ancient & Accepted scottish rite of Freemasonry

Knight Masons

  • Clontarf Council No.69  Contact Council for more info.

Ye Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon

  • Tahoma Chape  No.3  The Annual Meeting is on the first 5th Saturday in the first quarter of the year. This is the Election and Installation meeting.The second meeting is on the first 5th Saturday in the third quarter of the year.
  • Cascade Chapel No.20  The Annual Meeting is the first Saturday of February. This is the Election and Installation meeting. The second meeting is on the second Saturday of September.

Societas Rosicrucian in Civitatibus Foederatis

  • Washington College Contact College for more info.

Royal & Select Masters

  • Seattle Council No.6 Meets the Third Friday of Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct and Dec.

  • Adoniram Council No.17  Meets the Third Fri of Sep, Nov, Mar and May.

  • Walter F. Meier Council No. 22 Meets the Second Friday in Jan, Mar, Sep and Nov and the First Friday in May

York Rite Sovereign College

  • Rainier No.54  Contact College for more info.

Masonic Order of Athelstan

  • Salish Court No.96 Meets every month that has Five Fridays. Contact S.Tashiro at for more info. 

Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD)

  • Pacific Council No.30 Contact Council for more info.