The History of the Valley of Seattle

Over our 150 years of history in Washington, The Valley of Seattle has a unique position amongst other Valleys in our great state. We were chartered in 1872 in what was then the Territory of Washington. Amongst the many members of our Valley, we have counted the finest Men of Seattle, past and present. Included in our membership are many of the founders of Seattle, 35 Grand Masters, Philanthropists, Businessmen and many others.

Well known members of the Valley of Seattle, Past & Present

Elisha P. Ferry, 32° (First Governor of the State of Washington, Tenth Governor of the Territory of Washington)

John Leary, 32° (Mayor of Seattle 1884)

Hon. Eugene A. Wright, 33° G:.C:. (Circuit Judge for Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit)

John Blankinship, 33° (S:.G:.I:.G:. & Noted Seattle Attorney)

Horace W. "Mac" McCurdy, 33° G:.C:. (S:.G:.I:.G:.)

James R. Hayden, 33° (S:.G:.I:.G:. & Past Grand Master 1874)

Ford Q. Elvidge, 33° (Deputy & Grand Master 1944)

Herbert M. Bridge, 32° (Rear Admiral, USN & Son of Ben Bridge, Ben Bridge Jewelers)

Warren Aakervick, 32° (Ballard Oil)

William James Bain (Notable Seattle Architect)

Ole Bardahl, 32° (Bardahl Oil)

George Bartell, 32° (Bartell Drugs)

Jack Benaroya, 32° (Benaroya Hall)

William E. Humphrey, 32° (Federal trade Commission)

Ralph Stacy, 33° (King County Treasurer)

William C. Goodloe, 32° K:.C:.C:.H:. (Chief Justice, Washington Supreme Court)

Keith McLean Callow, 33° (Chief Justice, Washington Supreme Court)

Past Grand Masters of The Grand Lodge of Washington and members of the Valley of Seattle

Thomas M. Reed, 32° (Grand Master 1862 & 1863)

James R. Hayden, 33° (S:.G:.I:.G:. & Grand Master 1874)

Thomas T. Minor, 32° (Grand Master 1875)

Robert C. Hill, 33° (Grand Master 1877)

Elisha P. Ferry, 32° (Grand Master 1878)

Louis Sohns, 32° (Grand Master 1880)

Nathan S. Porter (Grand Master 1888)

Joseph M. Taylor, 32° K:.C:.C:.H:. (Grand Master 1894)

Archibald W. Frater, 32° (Grand Master 1897)

Stephen J. Chadwick, 32° K:.C:.C:.H:. (Grand Master 1900)

Abraham L. Miller, 32° (Grand Master 1905)

Ralph C. McAllaster, 32° (Grand Master 1907)

James H. Begg, 33° (Grand Master 1920)

Walter F. Meier, 33° (Grand Master 1926)

Thomas M. Askren, 33° (Grand Master 1931)

Walter H. Steffey, 32°  (Grand Master 1935)

Charles P. Kirtland, 33° (Grand Master 1939)

Matthew W. Hill 33° (Grand Master 1940)

Ford Q. Elvidge, 33° (Deputy & Grand Master 1944)

Gail Huhn, 32°  (Grand Master 1950)

Ronald W. Meier, 32°  (Grand Master 1955)

Alfred J.Ring, 32°  (Grand Master 1960)

George H Bovingdon, 33° (Grand Master 1965)

Audley F. Mahaffey,  32° K:.C:.C:.H:. (Grand Master 1967)

Thomas H. Craig, 32° (Grand Master 1973)

James O. Wood, 33° (Grand Master 1977)

Toby Johnsen, 32° (Grand Master 1979)

Herbert M. Edman, 32°(Grand Master 1981)

George R. Bordewick, 32° (Grand Master 1982)

Kenneth S. Robinson, 33° (Grand Master 1993)

George Jurgich, 33° (Grand Master 1996)

Thomas C. Ehlers, 33° (Secretary & Grand Master 1997)

Richard A. Mecartea, 32° K:.C:.C:.H:. (Grand Master 2000)

Sat Tashiro, 33° (P:.R:. & Grand Master 2004)

Gale H. Kenney, 33° (Grand Master 2009)

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